About Us

Ana, the founder of Let's Bloom Floral grew up in Medellin, Colombia. A city which is well known for cultivating flowers and with an important creative movement made up of musicians, painters, designers amongst others. Ana grew up in this environment of diverse artistic expression and has always been near to the flower business, her love for florals is innate.

Ana always dreamt of having a floral business and in 2019 she officially launched Let's Bloom Floral. Today, Let's Bloom Floral is still a small team that brings a specialized, boutique-style service and love in everything they do. We offer floral services for personal clients and their residences as well as commercial spaces like buildings, retail stores, restaurants and offices. 

One key element in our business is to work with eco-friendly practices.  Almost 99% of our arrangements are made in water. Sustainable materials, fair-trade providers and recycling process are part of the values we incorporate to our design model.

One of Ana's favorite hobbies is to hunt for vases in vintage stores. She uses them in many of her arrangements.

We are ready to bring you fresh blooms on a regular basis, whether to spruce up your home, when you have a small or large event or for your offices or businesses.  We hope to keep your company during your important life events. 

Let's Bloom Floral Team
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